The premier destination
for high-end Armenian fashion


POMMIE is the premier destination for high-end Armenian fashion; offering an exclusive collection of highly coveted pieces from leading and emerging designer’s of the highlands, and conveying a unique narrative that shares brands’ vision and highlights the creativity of Armenian culture.

From modern and refined to sustainable and artisanal, we provide a dynamic selection of ready-to-wear and accessories - connecting brands to international consumers.


More than just a retailer, we are champions of the Armenian fashion industry; we discover and nurture relationships with independent designers, photographers, stylists, models and other industry creatives. Through continued collaboration we provide insight, resources and opportunities to foster their development and maximize their potential on a global market.

As part of our philosophy it is imperative that POMMIE is a reflection of Armenia, beyond the goods and we sell. Ensuring we are consistently providing opportunities for Armenian business - standing firm in supporting and advancing Armenia.

By shopping at POMMIE, you are directly supporting and benefiting Armenian designers and businesses - particularly during economic uncertainties.


POMMIE’S values are rooted in the preservation of Armenia, and we are committed to promoting and supporting its enhancements at all times. As part of our promise, each month 10% of net profits are donated to an alternating humanitarian organization dedicated to the Armenian cause.

Non-profits and/or initiatives will be selected in advance keeping the needs of the country in mind. If you would like to submit an organization for consideration please contact info@shoppommie.com

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Gohar Khojabagyan

After an extensive career in fashion from NY to LA, It was time to redirect my efforts towards my biggest passion, Armenia.

This personal journey started several years ago as I began scouring the fashion landscape of my homeland, and discovering a new generation of creatives committed to their craft and expanding into new frontiers.

There is no greater luxury than to wear and represent Armenian fashion designers, whilst investing and contributing to the preservation of our heritage and culture by way of fashion.

 This is my love letter to Armenia.

xx Gohar


Champion Armenian fashion to the forefront of the global industry and highlight its enduring culture and creativity.